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Looking to challenge yourself during 2022? Want to do something that makes you feel good at the same time as helping to restore coral reefs? Then Running4Reefs is for you!
We have a team of runners (cyclists, rowers, etc) around the world fundraising to get coral spawning techniques into Mauritius to support reef restoration efforts with New Reef Mauritius.

So… why Running4Reefs? The idea is to raise as much money as possible to send a coral spawning/embryo rearing system over to the good folks at New Reef Mauritius. This system will produce genetically diverse corals during reproductive events for the purpose of transplanting onto the reef and restoring a damaged section at a time. Our initial goal is to raise a whopping £50K to make this restoration work a reality. 
In order to raise money we’re asking people to choose a reef from around the world and run (cycle, swim, kayak) that equivalent distance during 2022. With so many reefs of different lengths to choose from there is something for everyone!

Some examples of reefs and distances:
Mauritius [Reef] - 65km
Virgin Islands - 96km
Florida Reef - 270km
Belize Barrier Reef - 300km
The Maldives - 800km
Great Barrier Reef - 2300km


The Craggs Family is on target to meet their goal of running/cycling the distance of the Great Barrier Reef having covered over 1000km at the half-way mark. If you’re interested in taking part it's not too late! Please get your running shoes on and sign up to our challenge TODAY!

Please dig deep into your pockets to donate as much money as you can spare for our very worthwhile cause or contact us with your email address and we’ll provide you with more details of how to fundraise. 

And remember, you have until 31 December 2022 to run your chosen reef and to help make a difference in this world!

Please contact us for more information.

To make a donation to Running4Reefs please click here

More info about the CSL Conservation Trust and Running4Reefs in 2022...


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