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Dr Michael Sweet (Professor in Aquatic Biology)

If you need to put a label on what I do, I guess you would call me a ‘molecular ecologist’. Indeed, I’ve literally written a book on the subject (An Introduction to Molecular Ecology).

I’ve worked on a number of research projects over the last ten years centred around coral biology/ecology and/or the use of environmental DNA as a survey tool. I am particularly interested in epidemiology and have described a number of diseases in sponges, corals, urchins, and fish. More recently my attention has moved onto the importance of the microbiome in coral health and how (or even, if) these host-associated microbiota can aid corals in their fight against climate change. I started working with aquarists in 2007 and have worked with Jamie since then.

I’m an award winning lecturer and researcher (, an officer for the International Coral Reef Society (, Trustee for the British Registered Charity, the Olive Ridley Project ( and Director of Reef Futures Consulting Ltd

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