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Published Research Papers

Inducing broadcast coral spawning ex situ: Closed system mesocosm design and husbandry protocol:

This landmark paper on predictably inducing broadcast coral spawning events in aquariums described our early system design which we have gone on to refine and improve. To date over 30 species of Indo-Pacfic and Caribbean reef building corals have been spawned in these systems.

Craggs J, Guest JR, Davis M, Simmons J, Dashti E, Sweet M. Ecol Evol. 2017

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Repeated ex situ spawning in two highly disease susceptible corals in the family meandrinidae:

Here we show the potential of our spawning systems in controlling ex situ coral spawning to supporting conservation and restoration of two critically endangered coral species.

O’Neil KL , Serafin RM, Patterson JT, Craggs JRK.  Front. Mar. Sci., May 2021

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Ex situ co culturing of the sea urchin, Mespilia globulus and the coral Acropora millepora enhances early post-settlement


Published in Nature Scientific Reports we explored the role of micro-herbivory in increasing survival of juvenile coral following ex situ spawning.

This important study allowed us to develop a husbandry approach to increase coral production, whether the output is for research, reef

restoration or aquaculture.

Craggs, J. R. K., Guest, J. R., Bulling, M., & Sweet, M. (2019).  Scientific Reports, August, 1–12

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Completing the life cycle of a broadcast spawning coral in a closed mesocosm:

Here we published the world first closing the life cycle (ex situ produced F1 generation becoming sexually mature to produce F2 generation) of a reef building coral ex situ. We highlight the potential of ex situ spawning for long term heritability research and the potential for our spawning

systems to support 

Craggs, J., Guest, J., Davis, M., & Sweet, M. (2020). Invertebrate Reproduction and Development

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Magazine / Online Articles 

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